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Dust Mite and Flea Treatment

Dust Mites are tiny microscopic organisms that live in your home, within the carpets. Now, this is a problem regardless, but the main issue with dust mites is the fact that they leave their waste products embedded within the carpets, upholstery, curtains, sofas and any other fabric-like material. They will thrive on shed skin from humans and enjoy warm conditions, which means they enjoy living in our homes.

The waste products they produce can cause allergic reactions and even asthma, so If you regularly find yourself sneezing, coughing or maybe you have a runny nose often, you could have a dust mite infestation.

Fortunately, Superior Cleaning Group unit is trained in the arts of dust mite treatment; we have our powerful high tech, hot water extraction, Superior Cleaning unit, also known as a “steam cleaner”, which is able to kill and extract dust mites effectively from your carpets.

Flea Treatment

If you’re a pet owner then you are fully aware of the possibility of your lovely dog or cat bringing fleas into your home.  Once established, fleas are extremely difficult to remove due to their life cycle. They breed extremely fast and grow rapidly once hatched.

Most fleas live for a month but some can live as long as several months. During their life span, they will go from being an egg to a larva, a pupa and eventually a fully formed flea. At this point, the females will produce up to 25 eggs per day!

To put this in perspective, 25 adult fleas, can reproduce up to a quarter of a million in a very short space of time!  Unfortunately, fleas do carry with them bacteria, meaning they can pass on to the homeowner diseases such as tapeworms, typhus and more.

Here at Superior Cleaning Group, we have the solution to these critters in the form of our powerful pre-spray.  This spray is formulated by our vigorous chemicals, which help to break down and destroy the eggs. As the eggs are not sticky, they eventually fall onto the ground meaning removing them requires our pre-spray. The now-destroyed eggs will be removed when you vacuum the carpet over the next few weeks

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Craig Williams

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Amazing Experience. They were very kind, professional, and perfectly on time. I would highly recommend superior cleaning services. Thanks

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"Had our tiles cleaned and they are now like new again". Excellent service would highly recommend. Adam did an amazing job. Thank You

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