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Vacuum Carpet Cleaning Sydney

Are you looking at hiring a carpet cleaning service and wondering “Do I need to vacuum before professional carpet cleaning?” We’ll discuss the answer to this question here, as well as some tips on how to make the most of your professional carpet cleaning.

Do I need to vacuum before professional carpet cleaning?

“Do I need to vacuum before professional carpet cleaning” is a question we’re often asked as a professional carpet cleaning service?

While some carpet cleaning companies prefer to do all the vacuuming required before they start their carpet cleaning, we are the opposite.

We love it when clients have vacuumed their carpet ahead of our team arriving because it helps prepare the space for our professionals. A deep clean such as that completed during a Sundry carpet cleaning – regardless of whether it’s a steam cleaning or dry cleaning – is meant to pick up all the dirt and nasty germs that lie beneath your carpet’s surface, rather than simply on top.

Do I need to vacuum before professional carpet cleaning if my carpet looks clean?

As previously inferred, the purpose of a professional carpet cleaning is to provide a deep clean and remove the germs and dirt that can’t be seen by the naked eye.

As such, vacuuming beforehand might be a good idea even if your carpet is not visibly dirty.

Will vacuuming before carpet cleaners from Superior Cleaning Group arrive enhance my cleaning?

Vacuuming ahead of our carpet cleaning professionals may enhance the quality of the professional carpet cleaning job we are able to achieve while in your home, simply because you have removed that initial layer of dirt.

This, in turn, allows our machines and our team to do a more thorough, deep clean of your carpet to truly give you that fresh feeling you’re after.

That said, carpet cleaning is not one size fits all and can in fact be very individualised, particularly when it comes to how you need to prepare before professional carpet cleaning crews arrive.

What can I do to get more out of my professional carpet cleaning service?

Getting the most out of your carpet cleaning service comes down to a few things:

  • You need to make sure you have prepared your home appropriately before you welcome the cleaning crew.
  • Pets and children shouldn’t be out of the way while the carpet is being cleaned
  • If a team member advises you don’t use certain products, or equipment or walk on the carpet for a particular amount of time, it’s best to try to stick to that advice as best you can.
  • Avoid having things like wine or food in the room that has just been cleaned so you don’t accidentally spill. Follow professional carpet cleaning advice regarding stain removers.

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"Had our tiles cleaned and they are now like new again". Excellent service would highly recommend. Adam did an amazing job. Thank You

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