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Vinyl Floor Cleaning Service Sydney

Vinyl flooring can stand up to a lot of abuse, even in high-traffic areas of a house, but it still needs care and cleaning to keep it looking its best. Superior Cleaning Group tile & vinyl division strives to clean your vinyl floors to the best of its ability.
Superior Cleaning Group has a procedure with vinyl to give your floors the best result.

Our Vinyl Cleaning procedure consists of:-

Pre-inspection of your vinyl

Our first necessity is to determine what your main concerns are. We inspect your vinyl areas to make sure that we make our service as comfortable as possible. Things we like to discuss are the movement of furniture, Stains that may seem irregular, concerns regarding children or pets, and heavily marked traffic areas.

Sweep/vacuum vinyl floors

The first step of the preparation process is removing dirt, grit, hair, and any loose particles from the vinyl floors. Our technician either vacuums or sweeps the vinyl floor using a dry mop.

Floor Stipping Process

Apply floor stripper used in conjunction with a heavy industrial policy scrubber, which has a black pad attachment that strips and cleans the vinyl floors. A black pad is the most course and aggressive to effectively clean the vinyl with the help of the stripping solution. We remove the existing sealer polish also removing grime, grit, and scuff marks.
Once the floor has been stripped of prior layers and exposed. The vinyl floors are quickly “neutralized” by rinsing the floor with an acidic solution. This is important so that the new sealer polish will bond well to the existing vinyl floor.

Application of vinyl sealer

Now it is time for the sealer polish to be applied. The quality of the sealer polish used is important. We use an effective and durable floor finish that is long-lasting and will not have to be stripped as often. The coats are applied to allow 30 minutes of drying time between each coat for maximum durability. It’s not unusual to apply one to five coats depending on the need of the customer and their budget. The first coats are sealing the floor. The subsequent coats start to build up a durable finish, bringing it to a highly polished lustre.

Veterinary Hospitals

We understand that animals are consistently walking around on your vinyl floors. We will clean your vinyl to detail.


Get the vinyl cleaned during the holidays, weekends, or public holidays. We can have the vinyl floors ready by the time school starts back up again.

Dental surgeries

We understand that there is delicate machinery in your surgery. We work with you to make sure that the vinyl cleaning process goes as smoothly as possible.


Keep your shop looking nice and shiny. Clean your vinyl floors and keep your store looking fresher than ever.

Industrial warehouses

We specialize in cleaning large vinyl areas. If you need a large area cleaned call us now for a free quote.


Keep your office looking fresh and clean. We work around you to make sure that your office vinyl floors are looking at it’s best

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Craig Williams

Happy Customer
Amazing Experience. They were very kind, professional, and perfectly on time. I would highly recommend superior cleaning services. Thanks

Hyam Bamber

Happy Customer
"Had our tiles cleaned and they are now like new again". Excellent service would highly recommend. Adam did an amazing job. Thank You

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